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I am thinking about moving my site to a different server, but staying with
my same ISP. They say that they will set it up as an IP address
( - whatever) until I am ready to shut down the old site
and transfer the domain name to the new site.

How will this affect my search engine positioning? Is this like a completely
new site to them? Will they come to spider the old site, find it gone, and
delete me?

Thanks for any advice or answers from anyone!


Re: Moving my site

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If content and relative links have not changed, then just sit back and wait.

If the name servers are NOT changing (since you're not changing hosting
services?) then you simply keep both sites up until all the DNS registries
worldwide have updated via that name server. Search engine robots will
continue to access your pages the same as everyone else, whether it finds
them at your "old" site or at the new IP address. If the name servers change
(ask your hosting service), you need to change that information with whoever
controls the registry of your domain name.

I recently moved my site to a new server. I figure it took roughly 4 days
for all DNS registries to update worldwide. I kept the old site running for
a few more days after that. I compared access logs from both sites and I
believe my site was never inaccessible. When the access logs for the "old"
site showed nearly zero requests, I requested it be closed down. Simple.

That's how I see it. If anyone else sees huge errors here, please chime in.


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Re: Moving my site

Thanks Mike, I think I'm going to go for it and not worry so much.

Thanks again!

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