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I would like to ask besides google, any other search tools today are
as powerful as it in terms of searching ?

I know that different search engines have different strength in
searching different types of information. But in recent years I adhere
to google because of it's relatively strong in searching internet
information compared with some famous competiters like yahoo (although
it's not a pure search engine theoretically), altavista, lycos, etc.

To keep my question simpler, I would like to know which search engines
(or searching tools) are most powerful in below areas right now:

1. IT/Computer information.
2. Telecom information.
3. Business information.
4. Academic inforamtion in IT/Computer/Telecom area.


Re: Most powerful search engines

On Thu, 01 Jan 2004 23:48:08 -0800, Prince Gorstick wrote:

How do you mean "powerful?"

For many searches, you will receive more results from


Re: Most powerful search engines

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I mean searching result should return as relevant information as
possible (assume I have given specialized searching criteria). Not so
many irrevalent commercial ad links returned. I know some search
engines are specialized in searching for non-commercial web resources,
for example.

In recent 2 years, I found searching power of google in my mentioned
areas are better than their competitors like yahoo, lycos, altavista
(altavista once was my favourite choice before google emerged).

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Re: Most powerful search engines

Try Copernic Agent...

Re:Most powerful search engines

I like Google because of it's AND capability. But what I mean by thi
is the ability to search a subset of a given result
I think it was Lycos that use to do that first. Where you could searc
a subset of the original results
Another good one for me at least is
Quiggy is a search engine / AI. Although I am not even sure if i
actually what it says it is, I get good results none the less. Th
only problem is you have to wait a while (maybe a day or so) to ge
the results
This is good for really complex detailed questions. Sometimes thoug
you get no reply or just no results found
Take for example a spoof question. I wanted to know what was th
meaning behind the song from Blues Image "73 men sailed on to the Sa
Fransisco bay. Rolled off of thier ship and here's what they had t
(I am not sure if the name of the song is Ride captain Ride upon you
mystrey ship or whatever
I have this one question from which I still have problems trying t
solve. I have been looking for details of how to extract frames fro
an mpeg and save them as jpeg
Any clues
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