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According to sources close to Google, the reason for a huge delay in the
PageRank update this quarter can be attributed directly to the new
algorithm used to judge the quality scores of websites. This new
algorithm is taking longer than normal due to server overload.

Its also being reported that after receiving numerous feedback regarding
the “uselessness” of PageRank from webmasters they will be releasing a
new set of variables that ranks websites and assigns the number we all
know as PR.

The information I’m receiving is the new name will be “WebRank” moving
forward rather than the typical “PageRank” that most people know it as.
The variables that I’ve been told place more weight on:
1. Content
2. Links to the Site
3. Relevant Sites Linking to

As of right now this is all the information that I’ve been given. I’ll
post more as I’ll be speaking with a representative in 12 hours or so.

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Oh that is just so silly. Talk about creating a post - citing no sources -
to create linkbait (the site in question, not you, Jez). Looks like it is

While Google may change the algorithm that determines PageRank (and it's
likely already happened many times), they are not going to discontinue it.
And, WebRank is trademarked by Yahoo already.

There is a big thread about this at DigitalPoint.

Don't believe everything you read ~ !


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Denise wrote:
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Yeah, there is far too much speculation going on over the late PR
update. I don't know if it's the most eagerly awaited update for some
reason? I have never seen so many PR threads at DP. I am personally
interested to see if my PR sises for one of my sites and usually I am
content to wait until the TBPR update and not keep looking on the DC's

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Yes, God forbid I be able to think of an effective linkbait idea :S :-)


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 Now how in the world can a search engine bot judge 'content'? Rating
and judging the content of a site would take thought and computers can't
think on their own. Nor can humans program computers to think on their
own. By 'content' I assume they mean the quality of a site being a good
site versus a bad boring site. Only a human could tell the difference
and even then it's a matter of taste most times. Unless by quality
content they and you are talking about how many internal pages the site
has. So if one uses the SEO Dave method of web site building then a
quality site is one that has 20 billion pages of nothing interesting on
them, just there to get billions of filler pages for backlinks and
pagerank, er excuse me "webrank" (Gee that makes all the difference).
There's no way bots can determine site content unless content to them
and you means something else other than what content is supposed to mean
such as high quality or interting or even popular for that matter. If
content means using headers, bolding text, using keywords in sneaky
ways, complex linking structure and filler pages then we have a totally
different concept of what site content is all about. ~ Sam

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Hehe, Sam you are confused. I didn't write anything here, Denise did. How's
it going with the phone SERPs? I haven't looked in ages. Are you still
having those other problems you emailed me with ages ago?

Article - Link Building and Gaining Links - it's a good thing!
Article - To Blog or Not to Blog

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Your a smart man! You could do a couple hundred page site on Hilter filled
with lies saying what a great man he was and the bot would think, "Hey great
content" Then you get all the Hilter lovers to link to you and Kaboom high
PR and high on SERP's. Now your ready to sell links on your high PR site.

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Difficult when they don't get indexed in the first place.

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Yup, we do :-)

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Well the Search engine could avaluate time as a signal of good

Sorry about this terrible English.

Carlos Lavieri

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