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Result #4 - "404 Access denied, or file does not exist"

Yep, that's the title and the content.  A friggin error' page.

Pretty tough to compete with that.  Maybe I'll just 404 my entire site.
Might get top rankings across a whole lot of search terms.

Grumble, grumble, grumble.....

John Merrell /

Re: More G Wierdness

On Tue, 28 Jun 2005 22:50:56 -0700, "Gateway Farm"

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Hi John
I've seen that a few times myself recently. PITA when it does that.


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Re: More G Wierdness

Gateway Farm wrote:
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That is really great!

I'd love to know why people thought that happened?

My *theory* would be that is in-bound link text that causes that. But if
I do a search for links: nada! so it's got to be something else...


Re: More G Wierdness

Davemon wrote:
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your theory is right, it is inbound links and anchor text wot done it,
of that is Google's vision of things if you use the allinanchor
modifier. I suspect Google is getting confused and the links went to a
page about alpacas on which then vanished and was replaced by
a 302 or maybe 301 redirect to the no_access page.

---------------------- /

Re: More G Wierdness

Quoted text here. Click to load it
 I suspect Google is getting confused and the links went to a
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Yeah, I kind of wondered about the 302 also.  G has had problems for some
time with 302's.

This is the kind of stuff that will cause the general public to go

John Merrell /

Re: More G Wierdness

davidof wrote:
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Yay for your investigative technique!

I agree Googlebot is getting confused. The server is sending out a
proper 404 header message with the no_access page , so Googlebot should
just be ignoring the page altogether, not spidering and indexing it...

I'm guessing there's something odd with the web-server set up...

...that web-servers "404" produces a url new at the end...

so it is 301-ing *any* junk url (rather than 404-ing them as a web
server traditionally would).

(the site is running on WN server, which is pretty rare.)
301 - Moved permanently to:
sends 404 headers.

So googlebot obeys 301 over and above a resulting 404?
HAhahah. Stupid googlebot.


the Maine 301 spam tactic

Create 100 pages, each with an array of keywords. Get them all crawled
by googlebot, i.e. make sure each has 1 or 2 nice keyword meaty links
outside links to it. Remove them all, set a 301 - permanent redirect
response instead of a 404 for any 'unrecognised' urls. The 301 redirects
to a page which contains *your content*  which sends a 404 header with
it for good measure, and watch as Google rockets your page to the top-spot.

Spam-whingers can't do nuthin, because, like - its legitimate to have helpfull
content in a 404. And Google *has* to obey 301's or else it would end up
with an index full of 404's.

Of course, Google could say. nope, if I get a 301 followed by a 404, I'm
not going to index it, but it doesn't seem to  behave like that at the
moment, and probably hasn't since 2002 (earliest date of the Maine example).

Anyone have time to give it a go?


Re: More G Wierdness

On Tue, 28 Jun 2005 22:50:56 -0700, "Gateway Farm"

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Interesting, if you check this page in the Wayback machine- /*/

It redirects to the page you've found. So the Wayback machine treats
them as the same page.

Based on the folder name "ctalpacas" it seems it used to be a page
about alpacas, but has long since gone (before 2002).

Further research shows this archive- /

A year later that directory closes and says it's moved to

Somehow Google is ranking one of the pages under (that no longer exist) and showing the
404 error page as the result. Must be using a duplicate content filter
where all the pages that have been deleted under /
are treated as the 404 error page (which is what's shown for all
deleted pages), this could give it quite a lot of links and some must
use the anchor text Alpacas.

So it must be anchor text of links pointing to a page(s) under /. Google and Yahoo still lists this one so betting it and the main
directory has got something to do with it.

This search

maine ctalpacas facts

Shows some of the links that still exist.


Interesting result.

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Re: More G Wierdness

On Tue, 28 Jun 2005 22:50:56 -0700, "Gateway Farm"

Quoted text here. Click to load it

I've ha d a few of these recently. I assume they're only temporary
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