More fun with oblivion drops

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I have grown quite accustomed to seeing a page or two a day disappear from
the SERPS and then reappear later.  This has seemed to hit some pages much
more frequently than others, but I have been unable to determine any
useful pattern.

What I am seeing this week appears to be different.

My SERPS for each of the following search phrases fell to below 200
and seems to be wanting to stay there:

sniping 41
nuclear war           108
gun safety           86
winter survival           57
class iii firearms permit           54
electronic warfare           50
patriotic graphics           49
world armed forces           27
pistol targets           25
army field manuals           20
armorer schools           18
tactical training           16
reloading data           15
Bodyguard Training           13
printable targets           11
silenced firearms           9
free printable targets           10
private military companies           7
private military firms           1

The number in the right hand column is my SERP for that phrase last week.

This is very odd -- but what is even more odd is that traffic for this
site ( ) seems to have risen ~20% *CONCURRENTLY*
with these drops in SERPS.

This is true even though "private military companies" is my #1 performing
SERP at 2.4% of search engine traffic and "printable targets" is my #4
performing SERP at 1.1% of search engine traffic.

Also adding to the confusion is the fact that I have been working on other
sites. I have not made changes to this site, outside of the forums, in
quite some time.

This is... unfathomable.


Re: More fun with oblivion drops

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What I have noticed is that currently google seems to be delivering 2 sets
of results that vary between a couple of days and a couple of hours (this is
noticeable by the page count google displays for those search terms). I
think perhaps they may be trying/testing which ones to use (maybe testing
out two different sets of algorithms) to see which one gives the better
users experience.

On a separate note, the images have also been updated after a long spell.

Re: More fun with oblivion drops

weel, i can agree i have also noticed this odd fact. Morning my site is no.3
eyrterday evening out of SERP. I thought it was due to the google

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Re: More fun with oblivion drops

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And now, apprixmately two weeks later, all of those pages are suddenly
back out of oblivion drop.

On average, they are ranked slightly higher than before Google's hiccup.

For me, this was simply annoying.  For someone whose website puts food on
their table AND whose website of focused on just a few keywords, this
would be horrible.

I hope Google gets their software fixed some time soon.


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