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Is there Any benefit at all to purchasing another 1 or 2 domains names to
help out somehow with the site I already have ?

If I bought key-word rich domain names , could I use these to help out ? If
I was to do this, what suggestions would you all make as to how to setup
these new domains ? Seperate hosting ( my host allows upto 3 add-on
domains ) Very content rich individual pages linking to my main site ?

And whats better .. a domain name like "" or
"" ?

Sorry I'm asking like a zillion questions in this post, just want to see if
there is any benefit to more domain names and the best route to go for
setting them up, and what whould I include on them ..


Re: More Domain Names

Java wrote:
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Some SEs will see individual words where they are separated by hyphens so
your latter example would be better.

The bigger question is whether you can gain any benefit from using them as
"doorway" pages - Google for one cautions against their use.

If you feel that any of the above is incorrect,
inappropriate or offensive in any way,
please ignore it and accept my apologies.

Re: More Domain Names

Or .....

Would a Subdomain do the same thing ?

I could make:

or should I have along with

Do the top search engines see subdomains as seperate sites ?

I'm looking for as much advice as possible. Just looking to get any edge i
can in the top engines. Dont worry, I havent forgotten about my orignal page
and its quality.


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Re: More Domain Names

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If you use something like then the engines will
see each word individually where it doesnt understand the word

However you can use and get the same


Re: More Domain Names


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They don't have to be single pages. He could make doorway mini-sites
of three or four content/keyword-rich pages on a related subject and
link from them to the main site.


Re: More Domain Names

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