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New beta update to: MONARCH SEARCH - FREE
Internet Search software for MS PC

Users can now download it direct from the site.


1. "Online updates"
2. "Online news about Monarch
3. Scheduler screen moved to the main screen as separate tab. Users can see
tasks statuses, configure, stop/start/activate/deactivate scheduled tasks
4. Minor bug fixes.


Search and Locate keywords and files on a website
Spider all links in a website and create a website map with a tree-like view
Create Offline copy of a website
Compare content of website with older historical content versions
Compare search results with older search history
...and perform many other useful data mining tasks for web site

Special Features:
Highly customizable
The program provides numerous options that make search, compare, and offline
copy tasks very flexible.
You can configure a task to perform a keyword search, site map/offline copy,
or content/search history comparison, separately as well as in any

You can select which file types (like video, audio, documents, web pages,
etc.) to download and save in an offline copy.

You may spider a single web site, as well as follow all external links and
spider - to any depth -- the net of linked web sites.

The combination of possible options is too great to describe in a single
Multiple search tasks running in parallel - Each scheduled task runs in its
own thread without interfering with other tasks.

Task scheduler - Just configure periodicity and other parameters of the task
schedule, leave program running, and look at the results whenever you want.
Task History - Review any previous results, as needed, and use them as a
standard against which to compare new results.

Alerting - The tool can send alerts about task execution results, search
results ("Found" and "Changed" alerting), errors, etc., via email and
instant messengers like MSN or ICQ.
Wide range of recognized link types - Unlike other web spider tools, the
FirstStop "Monarch Search" can recognize links located in META tags, links
to background images, CSS links, and many other special link types.

Reporting - Search, compare, and error reporting can be processed
automatically (via email) or manually in GUI screen.
Download FirstStop "Monarch Search" and examine it to fully appreciate the
myriad of features it offers!

Download FirstStop "Monarch Search" and examine it to fully appreciate the
myriad of features it offers!
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