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[i typed in this:]

i am not dyslexic, but jhyfkhyf. the moon jumped over the slow fox. Many
mumbling Moonies are making midnight music in the moonlight... mighty scary.
ipsum delectum microwaved becomes most mucuscious crud. Finally, in respect
to our january share decline, i propose we frag our arch-enemy/enemic/enemaic
competition with doggie biscuits, with an eye to improving the bottom line and to
bottom lining the bird cage of the ethereal being's web 2.0.

[it "rewrote" almost nothing, but the 2nd sentence is a little funny (p00rn Se00?):]

I am not dyslexic, but jhyfkhyf. The moon was blown by the slow fox. Many are
muttering Moon midnight music in the moonlight ... Mighty frightening. Ipsum
delectum microwaved becomes mucuscious crud. Lastly, as regards our share
decline in January, we offer our i frag arch-enemy/enemic/enemaic competition with
doggie biscuits, with an eye to improving financial results and lining the bottom of
the cage ' bird being ethereal \ 's Web 2.0.

[yes, watch for steve job's next genius product - the iFrag.
Notice it capped Web 2.0. that's so yuppie 2000.]



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[i pasted the same mumbling dyslexic text into this lower form, which returned (in

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might be]
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