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for those that run mobile phone sites may like this.
But the idea is that .modi is intended for sites that mobile phones
can access.

May be of use for some.



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Re: .mobi - new domain extension

__/ [ Paul B ] on Monday 22 May 2006 17:16 \__

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For what it's worth, any properly constructed Web site (i.e. adhering to
standards, good practice, and simplicity) will be accessible from mobile
devices. The site should never be dependent upon the media used to view it.
All should be easily accessible, as well as impartial to various factors
such as screensize and accessibility matters (because it /matters/).
Stylesheets do much of the work and images can be substituted by their alt
tag. For many sites, quite unfortunately, this is as yet not a reality. The
minority (e.g. Netscape users) are/were sometimes just neglected.

All in all, my point is this: encouraging a Web domain that is reserved for a
particular media type is a /terrible/ idea. It fragments the Web and makes
it /less/ Open.

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