Mirror site on UK server?

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I have a site for a UK business, on a .com domain hosted in USA. I
have some great rankings in google.com but very poor (or non-existent)
SERPs in Google.co.uk. As most of my target market is in the UK, I
would like to vastly improve my rankings in Google.co.uk

I own both the co.uk and .com versions of my domain name and someone
suggested setting up a mirror of my existing site on a UK server, and
use the co.uk (which currently points to the .com site)

I'm worried about being penalised by Google for have a duplicate site
- is this a possibility?

I know that I could move the .com site to a UK server but I'd be
worried about losing my great rankings in Google.com (which is also
used by people in the UK). Is that likely?

Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated!



Re: Mirror site on UK server?

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You will drop in google.com for USA users they will see more relevant
sites for them,  they will still see you if you have a good PR or if it
is not very popular subject.  the UK users who use google.com should see
you more unless your UK rivals have better sites .    If you want to see
the different from the UK use an anonymizer that is based in the US you
will see the difference.




Re: Mirror site on UK server?


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Yep. Avoid someone.

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