Minor SEO question -- www.chudov.com vs igor.chudov.com

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I have a personal website http://igor.chudov.com/ . It actually makes
me a tiny bit of money because I have a "projects page" that describes
my projects, and it gets quite a few hits from google. Money is not
huge, a buck a day, but it's not like I have to work for it.

My problem is that due to apache misconfiguration, my server leaked an
identical website www.chudov.com. So a lot of google searches that
bring people to my site, actually return www.chudov.com and not

That's a mistake, since I want www.chudov.com to have links to
my own and my relatives' websites, not to be my own personal page.

I would like, ideally, to have all searches return igor.chudov.com,
but do not want to lose any traffic where www.chudov.com is returned
by google.

I could, I think, set up some 301 redirects. Is that the way to go?


Re: Minor SEO question -- www.chudov.com vs igor.chudov.com


i think that 301 would be sutable here. But i'd make redirection from bo=
th  =

igor.chudov.com and www.chudov.com to chudov.com
Also have you tried google webmaster tools?
it allows to choose which domain view should be on search pages.

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