Microsoft wants to purchase Yahoo

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Microsoft has offered to buy the search engine company Yahoo for
$44.6bn (£22.4bn) in cash and shares.
The offer, contained in a letter to Yahoo's board, represents a 62%
premium above Yahoo's closing share price on the Nasdaq on Thursday.

It is an attempt by Microsoft to improve the online services that it
offers to its customers.

In addition to its search engine, Yahoo has been innovating recently
in the field of online advertising.


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Re: Microsoft wants to purchase Yahoo

My theory of why google has done better in search is not only because
the search results are ussually better, but because the look of's page is clean pure. Yahoo is where I go when I want to
read headlines about business, weather, and news as it is on Yahoo's
homepage.  Google is just pure and simple, one search box. No links
everywhere etc. When people want to seach, they search and not get
distracted by Yahoo's clutter (I like Yahoo BTW).  I think you can not
understimate this when you consider the whys of google success. I am
not saying I like one better than the other but I think if MSN were to
buy yahoo they could extract the search engine presentation page to
look like google's opening page and leave another yahoo page for the
linky stuff.

Mark / /

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