Meta Keywords - Comma or no Comma

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I have done a bunch of research on this. Everyone seems to have an
different opinion. Thought?


Steve Waszazak

Re: Meta Keywords - Comma or no Comma

On 8 Oct 2004 13:05:26 -0700, (Steve) wrote:

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I don't use commas, just a space. I list each word once - limit myself
to 16 words or less being listed in the META keywords. I gauge the
keywords listed by the contents - so if the word isn't in the
contents, it isn't in the META keywords for that page either then.

I also don't put much stock in META keywords helping out.

Yahoo looks at META description more so - that I limit myself to 1 to
2 brief sentences while shooting for 180 characters [including spaces]
being where I debate how I can trim it a bit more. But META descript
on Yahoo won't shoot you to Page 1 either as many sites don't use META
at all and still have no problem ranking well.

Best I figure - META descript is only helpful if well-worded and
matches that page's contents - but not something I feel is on the Top
10 list of things to do for a site in SEO thoughts.


Re: Meta Keywords - Comma or no Comma

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I doubt there are many search engines (probably 0 in the top 20) that still
use the "keywords" metatag

The problem with the "keywords" metatag is that its keywords for your site
that dont' have to appear on your site... which means that millions of
people have already abused the heck out of it, rendering it utterly useless
and therefore why search engines have abandoned it

By abuse I mean people who would have a website where the "correct" keywords
for their site might be ones that people don't search that often for... so
what they did was just put in the "hot" keywords, maybe something like
"hotels", "lyrics", "mp3", "dvd", "xxx", names of current pop bands, names
of current big movies, top news stories, "jobs", etc... to the point where
most sites just used maybe 3 or 4 legitimate keywords to describe their site
(you don't want to lose legit traffic) and then they'd stuff in maybe 50 of
the top keyword searches from the search engines

Re: Meta Keywords - Comma or no Comma

On Fri, 8 Oct 2004 20:19:41 -0700, "Augustus"

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All of which brings a lump to my throat as I remember that lost but
not forgotten keyword phrase, "Kylie in her knickers".


Re: Meta Keywords - Comma or no Comma

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Yahoo does - actually I'm #1 for Lübeckk

Doesn't bring me a lot of traffic though ;-)

/Martin Hagstrøm

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