Mayoko v1.1 (Rapidshare Files Search Engine)

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Welcome to the world's largest file search engine!

If you have ever searched for, sent or received any files online,
you've probably heard of RapidShare - the world's premium site for
uploading files. Literally millions of files are uploaded to
RapidShare every day; from photos and movies, to music albums, to
software packages. But there is onlyne one problem... RapidShare
doesn't allow you to search their files. So if you are looking for
something specific, you don't know where to go.
And here's our solution!

We have built a sophisticated software that locates RapidShare file
links on the Web and allows you to search for them. Your only task is
to enter your keywords, such as movie title, actress name, song or
album title, and so on. Our software will browse through the Web
looking for RapidShare links with your keywords in the title or
description, and will present you a comprehensive list with results.
The whole RapidShare world - at your fingertips...

Our software allows you to search the 3.5 Petabytes (yes, that's
3,500,000,000,000,000 bytes!) of files that are stored on RapidShare
servers. From now on, whatever file you want to find, you'll get it
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