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Matt Cutts: Gadgets, Google, and SEO: Fall weather forecast
2006-10-11 1:15am PT  Visit Matt Cutts: Gadgets, Google, and SEO

Yahoo! gives a nice weather report to announce an index update, and it
seemed like a good time to give people an update on search
quality/infrastructure on Google going into the fall. The last weather
forecast I did was about a month ago, and it was on video. It's still
a good video to go watch as background. Just to be crystal clear, each
of the following paragraphs is talking about a different piece of

Bigdaddy was a software upgrade to how we crawl and partially how we
index the web. It was deployed and done pretty early in the year. It
brought smarter Googlebot crawling, including tricks like full gzip
support and a crawl caching proxy that means less bandwidth usage for
site owners.

We used the summer to swap in a completely new architecture for
Supplemental Results. The core of that infrastructure is complete and
fully deployed, but I'm sure we'll see additional smaller changes
(mostly making sure that queries off the beaten path such as site: do
what people expect).

I believe site: results estimates should be more accurate at any IP
address you try now. In mid-summer (while I was on vacation, in fact),
people noticed that sometimes site: results estimates were too high.
One change went in during mid-summer to make general results estimates
more accurate, especially for shorter queries, but the change didn't
really apply to site: results estimates.

Happily, there was another piece of infrastructure going out that
improved general quality and also made site: results estimates more
accurate. I think I mentioned in the video that those folks were
shooting to be live everywhere by end-of-summer/end-of-quarter, but it
was a hope, not a promise. I believe that infrastructure was turned on
at all data centers by last Friday (Oct. 6, 2006), which is pretty
close. Most of the other quality improvements due to this
infrastructure will be pretty subtle/stable, but it's nice that site:
results estimates are more accurate now.

Let's see, what else? We just did a PageRank export, so I wouldn't
expect to see another export until the new year. The infrastructure
that serves up PageRank in the Google Toolbar, link: data, info:
queries, and "Similar results" is also new (surprise!  ). I believe
that's the only piece of infrastructure I've mentioned so far that
isn't deployed at every data center, and relative to the other things
I've mentioned, that infrastructure is smaller. The new
infrastructure is live at about 2/3rds of data centers, and I'd
expect it to roll out to all data centers within a month or two (again
that's a hope, not a promise). In the mean time, you may see some
differences in PageRanks in the Google Toolbar depending on which data
center you happen to hit.

I know that webmasters are especially sensitive to
quality/webspam/ranking changes in Q4 because of the holiday season. If
we've got something that evaluates well and that we think will
improve quality, we can't just pause for 1/4th of the year, but if
anything big launches I'll try to be available to answer questions
and help get a handle on any changes. (Right now I'm not expecting
radical changes in webspam ranking, but I know better than to make a
promise.) Of course we'll also be around at webmaster conferences.
Several Googlers (including me) will be at PubCon in Vegas in November
to talk to webmasters. Several Googlers (including Adam Lasnik and
Vanessa Fox, but probably not me) will also be at SES Chicago in
December to get feedback and answer questions too.

Okay, that's everything that I can think of.

Re: Matt Cutts: Gadgets, Google, and SEO: Fall weather forecast 2006-10-11 1:15am PT Visit Matt Cutts zauwazyl(a), ze:

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Grrr, I think one in month could be a very good idea... It's a pity
that he don't think the same...

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