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Greetings one and all.

What could be simpler, do you suppose, than making a property search
function for UK residential property?

I'm gonna move house, despite the Wonderful Whacky Websites presented by our
colleagues working for estate agents.  But it does seem as though I'm gonna
have to do it the hard way - newspapers and the long walk.

I've seen ...
o Sites that don't load
o Buttons that don't work
o URLs that cannot be bookmarked
o Pages that need Flash or some other plug-in
o Missing URLs (404s)
o countless javascript errors

I've even seen "site designed by /mumble-broken link/"

What is the first thing you need on an estate agent site?  a property search
perhaps?  As well as sites which are obviously blushing virgins, they're so
shy, I've also seen searches that ...
o Insist on specific # of bedrooms
o Insist on specific Location
o Return property details 50k over stated max price.
o Return details including - property under offer
o Only have one poorly taken photo
o Sparse details
o Offer selections for data not present in the DB

c'mon chaps (and chapesses) get out there and sell.  those estate agents are
gagging for it.

apologies to any UK estate agent which 'has a clue' but I didn't find your
site today.

William Tasso

Re: Marketing Opportunity

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I use, not perfect, but better than most.

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Same position here, planning to buy a house next year and so have been
looking to see what online estate agents are like and they are

The thing that irritates me most is the general lack of information
about a property, you are lucky to get the room sizes and that they
have radiators that may or may not work and one very small/bad outside
photo. I'm not travelling 50 to 100 miles without decent information,
if I wait for it to be posted through the mail local people or those
prepared to go on a wild goose chase based on poor information will
beat me to the good deals.

It's a suprise really when you consider how much money is flowing
through the property market!! You'd think we'd have virtual tours by
now for houses of 100 000 up and at least a static page or two of
decent images and detailed descriptions for the rest of the market.

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Re: Marketing Opportunity

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A relative in the US recently bought a house, and the estate agent's site was
fantastic. Multiple pictures, many of them panning round the rooms, great
photography, the works. It looked beautiful.

I don't know if that is standard practice in the States, but there was
certainly enough on the site to give you a strong idea of whether or not you
would want to buy a place. Sorry, I can't remember the url though so you can't
see what it's like when it's done properly.

Alice Woolley /
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Re: Marketing Opportunity

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Funnily enough I'm in the middle of writing one  . . . . . .

Trying to make it oh so easy! Min bedrooms, max price and area and away you
go. On-line appointment requests etc etc

From the agents point of view - enter a property and details automativcally
e-mailed to applicants. Hooks for sms also in place.

Back in '95 we created the Residential Register - an online database service
for agents to multi list. What we didn't realise was that at the time only
20% had PC's and maybe only 1% knew how to handle a modem. We were about 3
years too early. Such is life!


Re: Marketing Opportunity

Buzby wrote:
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'96 I asked around a few estate agents and decided that it wasn't as yet a
market niche ready to work on...those that were able to understand the
possibilities the web offered weren't willing to pay to take advantage of
them...I was too busy on other things by '98

all these years I've waited for the revolution
and all we end up getting is spin

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