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Hi everybody
i developed a small software to help you searching internet easy,
it's a versatile FREE software with good prospect to advertise your
website or products
1.     probably the best web-searcher all around the world:

CLICKSEARCH is a union of all the most popular search engines (say,
google, yahoo, youtube...) in the world. It offers 10 different
categories including blogs, kids, images, videos, audios, news and so
on. With CLICKSEARCH, you do never need to shift from one search
engine to another. You can get exactly what you want with only one

2.     a quick e-mail sender

CLICKSEARCH may also function as MS outlook, but more convenient.

3.     a PPPOE dialer

   CLICKSEARCH offers you two ways of dial-up connection to the
internet --broadband dial-up & phone-number dial-up.

4.     a simplified web browser

   CLICKSEARCH is also a simplified Internet browser with basic
functions. You can search and surf the Internet at the same time.

There are also ad space for sale only 3500 people can get their own
space to post their picture or website link.Only 0.77 us dollar each
small square.You can first try then you can decide to pay for it or
Only 7day left!
More pictures and informations go to my space;http://

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