Make At Least $150 Every Month on Complete Autopilot

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I Make At Least $150 Every Month On Complete Auto Pilot. Wouldn't You
Like To As Well?

I know some people are probably thinking that $150 a month isn't a lot
of money, but regardless of if you are a newbie or experience IM'er
isn't an extra $150 per month minimum worth having?

All you need to be earning this sort of money is at least one web site
or blog, a small amount of knowledge of adding html to your site and a
Paypal account.

I am not going to hype this up and start saying this is new and that
no one has heard of it before, but i am guessing there are enough
people that haven't heard of this that could do with some extra money
each month that it was worth writing a short report on.

This report is 12 pages and 1534 words with lots of screen shots
giving you a step by step guide on how to use this service.

I am only going to ask $7 for this report with RR or $27 with PLR from
Warriors, I will offer a no quibble refund if people think this is
rubbish, but i wont give a refund if you have already heard of it
If you think you know the technique then just send me a PM before you
buy and i will let you know if you are right or not.

Just in case people think i am being a bit vague it is about putting
ads on your site, but you get paid even if people dont click or buy

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