Major Change in Google Backlinks?

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This happened in the last week or 2, but I'm just now getting around to
reporting it.

The total number of backlinks to my site has changed a little, but the
actual entries have changed dramatically.

It looks like Google dropped almost all previously-listed links between
pages on my website, yet picked up a lot of sites I never heard of before. I
don't think they're new links, its just that now Google is counting them.

Has anyone else seen this?

Bob Kochem
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Re: Major Change in Google Backlinks?

On Sun, 01 Aug 2004 11:32:29 GMT, "Bob Kochem"

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Apparently they've done a major revisoin to the way they display
backlinks recently. From what I understand, the results are pretty
much spurious. You can't set a great deal of store by them.


Re: Major Change in Google Backlinks?

I have lost most of my internal links.

Douglas Clark, Bath, Somerset, England ....
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before. I

Re: Major Change in Google Backlinks?

Bob Kochem wrote:
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They do that all the time. I feel that even though they don't show all
your backlinks they are still counted. They show what they feel are the
most relevant ones to your site at the time. By relevant that doesn't
mean it's the ones that are similiar in content to your own site's
content as they have their own secret reasons for what is relevant and
what is not. Often times it could just be other links listed with yours
are related in content to your site. The links though are not dropped as
you will notice they come back and others dissapear for awhile. If you
really want to test this just un-link yourself from all sites that
google stops showing and watch your site drop into oblivion. I know
because I've tested this with one of my sites once just to see.

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