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I have a customer who wants me to add is site to Major search engine
for Canada and USA traffic.

Do someone have any paid "site submiters" to worth it ?

Jean-Marc Langevin

Re: looking for Professional Submission

On Wed, 24 Aug 2005 15:40:52 -0400, Jean-Marc Langevin

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There's plenty of people who will take your money from you to
supposedly submit sites to engines. Some of them do indeed appear to
be professional, not in their submission ability but rather in their
ability to make a living from duping others.
You don't submit to the engines. You get a link to your site from a
site already indexed which is regularly spidered. The spiders will
follow the link and eventually index you. Submission won't affect this
either way so there's no point to it.
You can submit to directories, though, and for that you don't need to
be professional, just patient. Read my page at

www.kruse.co.uk/ seo@kruse.demon.co.uk
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Re: looking for Professional Submission

Big Bill wrote:

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Thanks for the answer.

I do need about that. But you know how old customers are. They want
the links now... Since he is paying .... IS problem.

I have a lot of other better things to do with my personnal money.

Regards and thanks
If you have more advanced tips just tell me I like to read your comments

Re: looking for Professional Submission

Jean-Marc Langevin wrote:

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The "professional" link submitters won't get your client's site indexed
any faster. It's not too difficult to get a site crawled and indexed
fairly quickly -- like BB suggested, get a link from a highly ranked
site or four.

I registered a brand new domain last July and was in the Google index
within two days of the site going live; Google deep-crawled within
about a week. It'll be a while before I place anywhere on SERPs for any
important keywords, but that's the sandbox for you.


Re: looking for Professional Submission

On Wed, 24 Aug 2005 16:34:21 -0400, Jean-Marc Langevin

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If the client is paying and you don't have some reasonable PR pages to
link to him from buy some text links and you are practically
guaranteed to be indexed in Google.

Getting sites indexed in Google is so easy it's guaranteed with all
SEO plans at the site in the sig (generally speaking guarantees with
SEO services are not a sound business idea). In it self getting
spidered is not worth paying for though as it's too easy. When I
create a new site it's always indexed in a few days, can be in under
12 hours (got well over half a million pages from my sites indexed in

Here's quarter of a million pages -

Cool, number 2 for 'Cloning Human DNA' in Google :-))

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