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Hello everyone!

After two months of hard work, my site about how to how to live like
an interent millionaire is finally up and running. I have tried to
create a site that has information about affiliate marketing, SEO and
other AM stuff, but also has lifestyle links for the young interent

Having read this group for quite a while, it looks like there are a
lot of knowledgeable people here, so I'd love to get some feedback
about my site if anyone can spare the time. The site is located at
http://www.retire-with-millions.com and called "Resources for the
Internet Millionaire".

Most of the articles discuss different aspects living the life of the
young and rich: gambling, dating, cocktails and cigars, but also SEO,
AM and ebay. I think that some of the articles are quite good, but I'm
not so satisfied with others, so I'd be grateful if you could tell me
which articles you liked and which ones you didn't, or submit your own
to be posted - with your name and a link to your site of course!

Thanks in advance.

Re: Looking for Feedback. Thanks!

I am not sure what is the point of your site. Seems like a bunch of
articles wholly unrelated to being a millionaire. They seem to be more
related to high payout keywords than to being a millionaire. Maybe I
am missing something. Maybe my point of view is not very valuable
since I am not a millionaire, but I am not that far from it (a million
is not that much these days), and I find that these articles  do not
offer a substance that is of any relation to my own concerns.


Re: Looking for Feedback. Thanks!

guruRWM schreef:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Blue links on a dark grey background:  brrrrrrr (this means I don't like

The small Google logo looks awful.

I didn't see any articles about bmx racing.

Rob Waaijenberg

Re: Looking for Feedback. Thanks!

On Fri, 17 Aug 2007 05:59:22 -0700, guruRWM

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two months wasted.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Really ?
Business Real Estate Sports SEO Gambling Collecting Affiliate
Advertising Technology Forums

Quoted text here. Click to load it

and failed

Then you didn't learn much, did you.


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Re: Looking for Feedback. Thanks!

guruRWM wrote:
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One does not become a millionaire doing affiliate marketing.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Spending money on such pursuits will not make one a millionaire either.

Do you know any millionaires? Have you asked them how they became
millionaires? Do you know how many affiliate links they needed to make
their millions? Have you asked them how much money they had to lose
gambling or spend on dating, cocktails and cigars to save up a million

Re: Looking for Feedback. Thanks!

Holy shit! Thanks alot. I feel so much better now that you have shown
me worse web design than what I do.

I did find one thing of interest to me and that was your up and coming
Hot Nerd Girls section here http://hotnerdgirls retire-with-millions
com/hotnerdgirls htm (dots removed) . I must admit, I have a thing for
the more articulate, bespectacled, chess playing ladies.



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