Longitude and Latitude geo-coordinates for local search

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Has anyone heard if Google is looking at using some sort of geo-coding
to let websites show up in local search?  A website I've been working
on has geo-coordinates for beaches and towns in various locations.  The
idea is to let people find what is near something else.  With the new
local search feature, it would be nice that when someone does a local
search for say "beaches saint martin" they could see beaches that have
geo-coordinates around St. Martin.

A website called geotags (geotags.com) tried this a few years ago, but
that project appears dead now.  Their idea was a to have one or more
special header tags to define longitude, latitude, and optionally some
other criteria.  This would make it easier to find information
spacially relavent to others.

As an example, my site has places with coordinates both in the
Caribbean and Europe.  Some pages should show up as local for searces
in the Caribbean but shouldn't show up for Europe.  This makes trying
to place the whole site at one location impossible.  It needs to be at
a page level to provide the fidelity of search needed.

Any ideas or rumors?

Beach Comber
http://worldbeachlist.com /

Re: Longitude and Latitude geo-coordinates for local search

Beach Comber wrote:
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I thought they used the Yellow Page database for the local search. But
am wondering....

I am a DJ and was search DeeJay in my area and it looks like they may
be using phone number and address on the website. The results are
pathetic. You would have better luck just using the regular search.




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