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I recently just finished my first Ruby on Rails product and it
leverages on SEO, except in a sort of backwards way:

Long Time Lost is a free "service" (more so it is a software app
written by someone who had some spare time, good programmer friends, a
little bit of creativity and a lot of coffee) that allows you to create
a "search" for someone you lost touch with. That "search" is then
indexed by Google (and other search engines) and then when that person
you are looking for (or someone who knows them) does a "Vanity Search"
(the process of searching for one's own name on Google... we know you
do it!) they find your "search" and can respond to you and reconnect.
All information is handled through the system so your private
information like your email address isn't out there on the net. It's
new, it's Web 2.0, it's powered by Google, it's Ruby on Rails... and
it's FREE... so check it out.


Just wondered what everyone's thoughts were on the subject. Is it going
to work?

Re: Long Time Lost

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Brilliant idea... Your site needs some SEO though.  It already has problems
in Google.

Re: Long Time Lost

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It is similar to something I was playing around
with, basically a site where people can post their
details to if they *want to be found online*.
I only have about 30 names in it, but every one
is top 5 when adding the location.
All very easy and non competitive, but it works well
on a small scale.

If anyone wants to play with it go and add a name
and details here (fake if you want to)
(email can be fake too)
I just did it as an experiment of how to use a database.

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