Long default page name and external links

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I think I've created  a big mess ...

At some point I decided having a long default page name with valuable
keywords would help. So I changed the default name to
whatever_whatever_whatever and submitted my site to engines with the
long name... mysite.com/long_name_here.aspx.

Today, google indexes my site like this. All of my external links just
link to mysite.com. And apparently, due to an unreleated duplicate
content issue, when I don't see mysite.com (without the new domain
name) indexed in google. Nor does it ever show up on google searches..
I only see the long name. I can see that the long name does if fact
cause some searches to find me as google highlights parts of it, but I
don't think google connects the dots between my external links (helping
rank) and my new longer home page address.

On the subject, what constitutes an external link. I don't think
site:_space_mysite returns extrenal links, it only returns pages that
have mysite in and the word site as a string on the page. Can having
the string "http://mysite.com " on external site give the same benefit
or any benefit compared to having some body link to your pages.  And,
back on the original topic, does it have the same effect to have
somebody link to http://mysite.com if you are indexed as
http://mysite.come/long_name_here.aspx ?? or does this not matter.

Finally, Googlebots have not visited my site for over 6 months. At some
point I commited the huge mistake of pointing an idle domain to the
site. However, that domain continues to get indexed. I don't think I've
been   banned as It still says Im a valid site and I do pull up, only
with very old cache.


Re: Long default page name and external links

On 7 Jun 2006 05:35:27 -0700, jason@cyberpine.com wrote:

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I'm suspicious about this. You want to give us the url? Sounds like
you could use visitors. I think you may have done something without
realising it that we'd spot in an instant but you won't know to tell
us so we'll be trying to figure it forever. Not For The First Time!!!



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