Local Site Search Still not Working on Google, compare Yahoo

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Here are two current site or local website Searches for one of my
review pages. I have over 900 books reviews on my website and until
recently, I could do a simple Google Current Site Search and quickly
find my review page. Obviously I have other way of locating a page, but
this WAS formerly the fastest and it always worked, up until now.

To see the problem take a look at the Google (which I used to use) and
the Yahoo (which I am forced to use now because of something Google has

1.  Google only finds a page with a link to the review:

2.  Yahoo finds the review page plus the linking page

Maybe some expert out there can tell me what's going on here. I can't
test every single page, but random checks shows this phenomenom present
for over 90% of all my 900 pages.



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