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Amy opinions on using zip codes of major cites on a web site.

I cant find any data to show that folks are using them to search but
if they are there arent many webmasters utilizing them.

Also any opinions on using other numbers such as area codes etc?


Re: Local Searches

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I depends on the kind of search.  My emphasis is on employers who are
searching for my resume, and they often add a city name, county name,
zip code, area code, etc. to narrow the search.  

I have managed to reach #1 on 6 out of 7 of my target search terms:

engineer resume
electrical engineer resume
electronic engineer resume
electronics engineer resume
project engineer resume
structured engineering

...and am on the first page for these related search terms:

orange county engineer
los angeles engineer
aerospace engineer resume
real time engineer resume
embedded engineer resume
90620 engineer <-- my zip code
714 engineer <-- my area code

Alas, a good ranking for my 7th target search term has eluded me...
project manager resume

Guy Macon, Electronics Engineer & Project Manager for hire.
Remember Doc Brown from the _Back to the Future_ movies? Do you
have an "impossible" engineering project that only someone like
Doc Brown can solve?  My resume is at http://www.guymacon.com/

Re: Local Searches

On Fri, 16 Apr 2004 15:08:04 -0700, Guy Macon
<http://www.guymacon.com wrote:

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Hi Guy,

Well done on the SERPs.

Long time since you posted here, so what you been up to last 6 months?

Last thing I recall was you were going to setup some SEO experiments
to test how PR transferred. Did you do them?


Re: Local Searches

I think that the city/state are a lot more important than zip codes.
Very few search databases have zip code fields.

Kim Lauren
KaZaZZ! Search Engine

vgo_2000@yahoo.com (Tim Arnold) wrote in message
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Re: Local Searches

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Search engines are not the same as database search forms.  Look as
Los Angeles: one huge city that takes a long time to drive across
with over 100 zip codes.  Searching on your own zip code gives you
only search results that are close to you.  (If I looked I could
probably find the opposite; one zip code with many city names in it.)
Try the following searches on Google and you will see what I mean:

Los Angeles smog check

90028 smog check

Guy Macon, Electronics Engineer & Project Manager.  http://www.guymacon.com/

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