Local Search [How does it works?]

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Hi All

I am interested in reading about local search engines, like google
local search.

How local search works? What information should be available for a
website to be geo-referenced, how the search engine detects the
location of the user?

Any advice is highly appreciated

Thanks in advance

Re: Local Search [How does it works?]

On Mon, 30 Jan 2006 14:12:35 -0800, esamsalah@gmail.com wrote:

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It is beneficial to use <address></address> in the (X)HTML and keep the
address in a standard format for the relevant country.  If you are the
business owner, you can also submit your address information to Google.

(X)HTML tells browsers/engines what the different parts of a document are:

<title></title> = these are the words that describe the title of the page
<h1></h1> = this describes the main content of the page
<h2></h2> = these describe smaller sections of the page
<address></address> = the address is located here

and so on...

Human beings generally don't read those definitions of the content when
they visit a page, but the search engines do.

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