Live Open Directory through javascript

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I have recently written a remotely hosted script I have called JODPIE
It is a remotely hosted script that dynamically provides live Open
Directory data. It is customizable and is designed to fit in a little
column of web page display; the script provides a partial and modified
presentation of ODP data using an on the fly randomizer. Links are
displayed using thumbshots provided by With this script
it's possible to embed live Open Directory data in a web page just in
seconds. It has been developed having in mind blogging platforms;
remotely provided html is as simple as possible to integrate
transparently with many html designs. The script works fine with most
blogging platforms, mainly on sidebar and allows to trasparently change
themes provided with blogging platform.

I paste here its code:

<script type="text/javascript">
// Demo available at /
// Customization section
var jb_title='Directory';         // Title of the directory
var jb_links='Directory links'; // Title of the directory links section
// End of customization section
// -->
</script> <script
src=' '>
// jb_cats  stands for the number of categories randomly fetched from
Open Directory site at
// jb_langs stands for the number of alternative languages randomly
fetched from Open Directory site at
// jb_links stands for the number of links randomly fetched from Open
Directory site at

I hope you will appreciate my contribution as I'm not a javascript guru
and I have worked hard to create this script.

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