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I have 2 websites selling the same things, but not mirrors (they look
programmaticly and visually very different).

I would like to run something past everyone to make sure I'm not
contravening any Google regulations.

The 2 sites concerned are and

I'm currently about to start a link campaign.  I understand that reciprocal
links do not transfer as much PR as 1 way links.

I hope I'm correct in assuming that reciprocal link=any location on site 2
linking back to to any location on site 1.  By this, I mean the reciprocal
links don't have to be on the same page.

With that in mind, I would like to try this.

Use my 2 sites to create a round about linking scheme.

Have people link to my site 1 ( and this in inturn
links to site 2 (, then link back to them from

I don't want to create anything that may be considered "BAD SEO" by Google,
but as the same time, I would like to maximise my PR, and others that Link
to - from me.

To offset the fact that all my inbound "Reciprocal type links" will only be
going to 1 site, I'm going to have some sites linking to my second site
(, and link to them from the first site
(  There will be no link from my second site to my
first site, but that should not be a problem as the PR on that site should
slowly biuld anyway due to the inbound links.

This way, both sites will build PR, and hence both sites will transfer more

Damn.  that's harder to explain than I thought!

Any thoughts?

Thanks... Philip Middleton.

Re: Linking scheme question.

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A "link campaign" may be easily interpreted as a "spam linking scheme", so
be careful.   It is safest to put links from pages on your site direct to
other pages on the internet with the sole purpose of helping the visitor
already on your page.   Link only to highly reputable pages with real
content that you expect to help answer your visitors needs.  Check that the
sites you link to do not use dubious link schemes etc and that the pages
that you link to are user friendly.   Write pages on your site that are of
interest and people will link back into them on merit.  You may email people
telling them about your pages and suggesting that they may like to put back
links but don't feel obliged to put reciprocal links from your own site -
that is often just for spam.  In fact, it is a good assumption to assume is
that anyone <demanding> reciprocal links, as many do, is into a spam linking
scheme. Avoid.

Sorry to sound negative, but good content and visitor satisfaction are
really what matters, together with following the technical guidelines at:

Best regards, Eric.

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