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does anyone know of a program/script that tracks incoming links from site
that youve traded links with. but not a simple php script that requires the
other site to link to but some software that
analyses apache access logs for the referer field. this would mean the other
site would only have to link and the script/program would do
the rest.

if theres none, im writing one.

Re: link tracker script

John wrote:
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You could still use a PHP script. However, nothing will stop the fact
that your figures will be inaccurate.

Re: link tracker script

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Are you talking about an "Affiliate Script" to help track in-coming hits
from referrers?

Why can't this be tracked based upon IP?  AS long as you require all of your
affiliates to have a static IP, it should not be that big of a deal.  On
virtual IP's it may be a bit tougher but certainly doable.

James Taylor

Re: link tracker script

James wrote:
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The http referer is not reliable.

Re: link tracker script

i know the referrer can be faked easily, ive anticipated that. i wrote a
topsites script that stopped all(well, nearly all, unless the webmaster is
very skillful) that cheating. basically, ill check the logs for any
occurences of the root domain of the site that linked, and for every record
i find, only allow one unique ip every hour or so.

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