Link Farm Or Not?

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I have 6 websites, all different domain names, all 6 are
for the same exact serp which is 'widgets', and all 6 sites
are PR3 in google toolbar, but all 6 sites have their own
unique title, text, content, and are very different from
each other and provide various aspects about widgets.

I want to link all 6 sites in some manner to help at least
one of the sites or all 6 of the sites do better in the
widget serp and get ranked higher up. I can think of two
different ways to go about doing this:

1. 5 of the 6 sites link to one of the sites and that site
links back to those 5 sites. The link anchor text on the
5 sites is 'wdigets' and the link anchor text on the one
site they link to is the titles of the 5 sites.

2. All 6 sites link to each other and all use 'widgets'
as the anchor text.

Which way seems better and has a better chance of working?
Does number 1 seem better and also safer?

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