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If two sites exchange links and one site has a pr6 ranking and the other
a pr3 ranking will the pr6 site suffer and lose some of their pr? Does
it work that way? On one hand it seems that it would and on the other
hand it doesn't make sense because then everyone with high pr would be
afraid to exchange links with lower pr sites. If two sites have
identical pr what is the mutual advantage they would have to gain in
exchanging links as far as ranking is concerned that is?

Re: Link Exchanging Question......

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All else things being equal (number of links from the two pages
especially) then yes the PR3 page gets the better deal. Though if the
two pages are linked back and forth from say home page to home page
rather than site A links to site B's home page from their links page
and site B links to site A's home page from their links page. Then the
PR3 home page would be boosted to PR5 (assuming a few things) and this
would be partially sent back to the PR6 page giving it a boost (still
better for the PR3 page, but also OK for the PR6 if it's a good site
to link to).

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Well a lot of people don't know what PR is, a lot don't care, others
know and will link anyway for other reasons (the page they are linking
to is good) etc...

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First off it's not the sites PR that's important it's the pages PR.
Our main sites home page is PR7 the links page PR5, it's the Pr5 page
you'd get a link from with us not PR7.

The benefits are anchor text (or ALT text for image links) of the
links are very important and there is a 'creation' of PR through

I like to think of PR as water flowing through various buckets (pages)
attached together with lots of pipes (links). Each page (bucket)
starts with a small amount of PR (water). 85% of the original water
(PR) in a bucket (page) is then duplicated and shared via the pipes
(links) to all buckets (pages) it's linked too. Important to remember
the original pages PR is not reduced in this action (it's duplicated).

All the linked to pages receive the new PR (water) via the links and
adds it to their total. Those pages (buckets of water) then go through
the 85% duplication process again and again.

This analogy falls down because the buckets are crosslinked and so in
theory would just keep filling (which isn't how PR works). But
ignoring that small flaw :-)) it describes how the principle of PR
transfer works. If a page is PR6 and has a few links from it, it
transfers approx PR5 (85% of a PR6) to those pages. This process
however doesn't reduce the linking pages PR it stays PR6. The linking
pages PR can be boosted if the linked too pages link back as they pass
85% of their PR back again.

A lot of people have a problem understanding this as they imagine PR
going off the scale (above PR10), but the way PR is calculated
(assuming it's close to the original PR paper) means this doesn't
happen (don't ask me to explain that, did a bit of maths at Uni, but
explaining that is beyond me :-).

The only problem with linking to pages not owned by yourself is the PR
is transferred away from your site(s) and so the maximum PRs of the
pages of your sites won't be realised. This can be reduced with the
right linking structures etc.. i.e. don't link off your home page if
it's got the highest PR unless it's in your best interest like your
going to get a higher PR link back.
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Re: Link Exchanging Question......

  Thanks for replying to that and I'll have to re-read it a few times to
grasp it as well as you have it down. One quick question though. A
friend of mine has a very low pr of 1 and my site is pr5. I'd like to
help her but would it be a terrible idea for me to link from my index
page which would help her the most but afraid that low a pr might hurt

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