Link Building - Please give feedback!!!

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I posted in another group but I want to see if I can get traction for
this question in here.  I want to find out what everyone's view is on
the subject and get as much feedback as possible. I am an SEO marketer
and one question that has come up to me was how do you measure the
success of a link building campaign?  I wanted to post to see what you
guys think. One way I can think of measuring results is to keep track
of visits, but what if your campaign is driven to build relevant links
and not drive traffic?  What I mean by that is what if your link ends
up on a blog and your traffic has an initial jump, but dies off
shortly after?  Another alternative was to keep track of the SERPs.
Does anyone else have any ideas on how to track success of your link
building campaigns?  Your feedback is greatly greatly appreciated.


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