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I got this amusing email yesterday. Spambait replaced.

A little background: We sell fabric & other quilting supplies.

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Just thought folks considering using their services would like to see
what quality of link building they are experts in.

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On Wed, 13 Aug 2003 21:35:07 GMT, John A.

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Trading links is only beneficial if the traffic directed to you is
somehow complementary. People with quilts may certainly use ink
cartridges, but not every ink cartridge user is interested in quilts
and quilting.

WordTracker ( is a great way to find all the
search terms that people are currently using. Use them to find search
terms related to your business and then use the search engines to find
allied, but non competitive businesses that are in those search engine

Write a very polite letter to the owner of the site (use WHOIS to find
that out), explaining why exchanging links would benefit both his Web
site and yours and then ask for the link.

Make sure the link fragment you provide utilizes your major search
term in the actual link.

It takes some effort to contact hundreds of people about exchanging
links, but success is never easy.

Wouldn't it be fantastic if the link you provided was actually a
working Web site, rather than a banner ad? You could have your Web
site utilizing other people's traffic to get you business, right on
their Web site.

Is that really possible? Come and find out.

Best regards,
Michael Murray

Stop fighting the "Top 30" battles, use other people's traffic!
Put your Web site on high traffic Web sites.

Re: link-builder - Such Experts!


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I'm impressed with the way a helpful post turns into an ad.

Why not rely on your very long sig for business or use your own
service if it's that good!

Free Search Engine Optimization, SEO and
Search Engine Placement Tips (updated 31/08/2003) /

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Re: link-builder - Such Experts!

Michael Murray wrote:
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OP on 13th August - I think I see a pattern emerging here :)

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