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What do you guys think to LinkAdage and similar sites?  Are they worth
buying links from?  What about the auctions that offer 100's of pages from
the same site?

Sorry for all the questions, but I saw this place mentioned previously and
thought I would get some expert advice.

Dan Pickard

Re: Link Adage

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I guess that nobody knows the Google algorithm except a select few, but it
seems that buying a handful of PR8 backlinks would be better than buying a
1000 PR5's or 6's.  Google seems to be spotting multiple links where the
link text is the same for each one.  This goes against a natural linking
pattern which Google is always looking for.

Also it may be worth noting that Google has not been passing the PR from
some big link sellers or alternatively the PR is passed but doesn't benefit
the recipient.  I've seen this with some of my competitors.

Just be careful and don't put all your eggs into one basket!!

Re: Link Adage

Thanks for the advice, I will look to a few bigger PR links then at a lot of
the smaller ones.


Dan Pickard
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Re: Link Adage

Google seems to be spotting multiple links where the
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I thought google puts heavy emphasis on multiple anchor text to
determine what a page is about.

What about google bombs?

Anyway I am currently purchasing ad space on high PR sites and it is
WELL worth it.

You can transfer some of the PR to many of your other sites.


Re: Link Adage

If you've had success increasing your PR with a large PR backlink site, can
I ask who you used, and what your site is?

Philip (newbee).

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