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i have a site that has been translated in two language : italian and
The domain is one :

when the you arrive at you get redirect
on on the language version you have set on your browser
therefore if it is italian you will get on
if it is english you will get on

If you don't have a language set, or your browser has a language that
is not italian or english, you get redirect in the english version anyway.

Considered that, when i do link exchange with site in italian and english,
will it be better to indicate only the main domain : /
or the full version (let say for a italian site link exchange) : ??

What about the spiders : will they rank the italian version or the english
version ?
Also in the future this site will be translate in other languages and the
doubt will be deeper.

thanks for your help
Federico B.

Re: languages redirect

Federico B. wrote:
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erm they will rank the default version and any other versions they can
find links to.

You could just serve pages in the language indicated by the browser
without doing a redirect.

Re: languages redirect

Thanks a lot.
Anybody has any idea about the other question ?

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Re: languages redirect

On Tue, 21 Sep 2004 12:46:14 +0200, "Federico B."

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Been working on a site like the above recently. I'd advise the

From every page have a standard text link (or image link) to the main
language pages- / /

Don't link directly to index.*** in case you change filenames in the
future (not a big deal, but why create problems later).

Use keyword rich anchor text for each link with the English link in
English and the Italian link in Italian. Might sound obvious but I've
seen sites where both links are English which isn't exactly helpful
for the Italian SERPs!!

Allow users to navigate each section (en and it) separately, but link
'sister' pages together. So where you have the same content in two
languages link the English to the Italian and the Italian to the
English. Again use the correct language for the link, links to Italian
pages should have Italian anchor text and links to English pages
should have English anchor text.

This will not only help with SEO, but also aid visitors who have
landed on the wrong language page (one click and they are where they
want to be).

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You don't have to have all links to your home page. If you setup a
link with a company from Florence and you have a page about Florence
have them link directly to it. Try to do the same with your link back.
This will help both of your sites much more than if all links go to
the home page. Also allows more freedom in keyword usage of links.

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Both as long as the spiders can navigate your site. As long every page
has at least one text or image link to it spiders should find it. Try
navigating your site with if
you can't get to every page neither can the spiders (probably anyway,
spiders are improving).

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More pages is better than less pages. For every language have a link
from every page and link related pages together as described above.

This assumes you consider each language important to your overall
business plan. If you are adding languages because you can rather than
because there is a niche you can fill then you might not want to give
a particular language so many links.

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BTW spiders won't see a javascript redirect, so they will land on your
home page and look for text links. If it can't find them it will
leave. So even if your site works great in Internet Explorer 6,
redirecting Italian users to the IT version of the site if you don't
have links from the home page your site will not be spidered fully.

-- /

Re: languages redirect

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That sounds like my site ;-)
Be careful that you don't make the same mistake I made:

When I link from a Danish page to its English sister page I use the anchor text
"English" and a little picture of Union Jack with the alt-text "Select
language". It turns out my that site is #40-something for those three words:

That actually quite impressive out of 6,870,000 pages! - but maybe I should find
myself a better anchor text!  :-)

Martin Hagstrøm

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