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I blog using WordPress at . At first I was
looking for short permlinks and thus opted for the structure, something

My blog is indexed currently indexed as /*

I intend to do the following. Change the  permlink structure to format
such as

and then using Google API get all the links listed in Google Cache and
do a permanant redirect to new URLs. Is this illegal ? If so what
alternative methods do you suggest ?

OR Is it a bad idea to change the permlink structure and its just of
very least importance to have keywords in URL ?

Expert opinion and thoughts are appreciated.


Re: Keywords in URL - WordPress Blog wrote:

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For Google, it apparently doesn't matter so much what keywords are in the
URL, -- EXCEPT that when you get a link to your site where they use the URL
for the link text, for example a link to you with link text like this:

...then your keywords are automatically included in your IBL text.  That
previous IBL would be much better than one like this:,1328943,324545.html

For your blog, it probably doesn't matter as much.  Just a specualtion here,
but tech blogs are generally linked to by technically-aware people.  So
they probably won't as often link to you with the URL as the link text.  I
wouldn't change the URLs on your blog.  Possible complications outweigh the
possibly benefits in my opinion.

I would change your <title>s though.  Put the post title in your <title>

<title>post title | blog name</title>

Optimizing the WordPress title: /

WordPress theme cheat sheets here: /

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