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Assuming I have stats for keyword, how do you pick them?  Is it the one that
is most popular and vaguely matches your site's agenda or something more
specific, less popular and matches perfectly your site's agenda?

Thanks in advance

Re: Keywords

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What stats, source?

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Re: Keywords

source is /

stats is hits for the month of December for a keyword(s)

Thanks again

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Re: Keywords

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Hi, look how I reply:

        - below the part I am replying to
        - deleted all lines I am not replying to.

In short: remove as much lines as possible, and reply in a logical order.
If you can print your message and still understand what it's all about
after 3 months when reading the print out without reading bottom up,
you're doing it right.

Wrt Overture: their stats are based on a few search engines most people
are not aware off, and I doubt that those SEs are a good representation
of, for example, the majority using Google. I doubt it.

So you get some stats based on data gained from SEs that are not well

But even if they are right, it says nothing on how many visitors you get,
i.e. it's perfectly possible to get much more visitors with the 3rd
keyword compared to the 1st.

I wouldn't use it as the major focus of my page optimization. Only to give
me some ideas.

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Re: Keywords

RG wrote:
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Look up the archives of this newsgroup for the term like "easy serps" --
the idea expressed there is that you have (potentially) hundreds of
keywords, so do use them ALL  -- focusing most attention on the ones
that you think people will be most likely to use when looking for what
you have to offer.
"The one that is most popular and vaguely matches your site's agenda"
may simply indicate a tendency you have to overwork certain words when
writing -- but that is no reason to ditch it. The one that is "less
popular and matches perfectly your site's agenda" is the one you should
focus on for a while, until it becomes as popular as the other. Then
pick a third, and a fourth, and a fifth. After a few months r a year you
will want -- and can make use of -- hundreds of them.

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Re: Keywords

__/ [RG] on Wednesday 08 February 2006 04:13 \__

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What statistics package or tool are you using? Your question is a bit vague
due to brevity.

If your stats package only extracts (atomic) keywords from referrals in
logs, consider getting something better. AWStats, for example, breaks
referrals down by either keyworks or full strings, which indicate which
results pages you are well-ranked for. It can never show /all/ corresponding
results pages (there are infinitely many, well... not in theory, but treat
it as figure of speech), but it shows which ones you ought to /care/ for.

Hope it helps,


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