Keywordranking has terrible service!

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I strongly recommend that you AVOID Keywordranking!!!

In our case, Keywordranking's staff were very friendly and responsive
in the beginning. But after several months, it all went downhill and
their service became absolutely horrendous. Keywordranking basically
ignored us. Most emails went unanswered, and they didn't return our
phone calls. promises "unlimited email and
telephone support" but that's just plain false. states that "our Client Services team takes a
proactive role" and that's entirely misleading. In the first few
months, they wrote new metatags and new content for a small number of
web pages. After that, we would never hear from them again -- unless
we took the initiative of contacting them (and as per the above, they
often did not respond). I don't know what Keywordranking did for the
remainder of the contract, other than charging our credit card every

It seems that Keywordranking has gotten so big so fast, and signed up
with too many clients, and seemingly are now neglecting their

This is what happened with us under Keywordranking's Comprehensive
Program. Perhaps the higher-level programs are better, but you will
pay a lot more for it.

But don't take my word for it. Run a search on Google for
"keywordranking" and browse through the various forums, and also
check out the reviews on, and you will find a number
of horror stories from disgruntled ex-clients of Keywordranking.
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re:Keywordranking has terrible service!

They started by rewriting meta tags?

Wasn't that your first clue?  ;)

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