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Keyword research provides the basis for your online success. Selection
of performing keywords require analysis of business model and
competition. You=92ll never want to lose a prospect of your product or
services by implementing wrong keywords.


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Are keywords the same as the tags that you put in your blog?

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Re: Keyword Research

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***   I don't blog, so I can't state how equivalent they are.

   Regardless, Meta Tag Keywords are used by search engines to determine
where a given page is placed in its "Results" listing as based on the
search terms entered by a user.

My suggestions are:

* Keep keywords under 20.

    Most search engines ignore anything after about 15 or 20 words.
    At one time, some search engines would penalise webpages that
    exceeded a set number, but I don't know if any still do that.

    The latter was instituted by some search engines against
    companies that placed all their competitors' names in
    their Meta Tags. It may have garnered some additional hits, but
    it annoyed users. Search engines want their users to be satisfied
    so the latter will return, hence the limit on keywords or the
    de-listing of offending websites.

* Separate keywords with a comma and space.

    Search engines must be able to recognise your tag words.
    Words that run together might be taken as a phrase or ignored

* Choose the most relevant words based on the subject of each page.

    Try to use both common and unique words. Common, to encompass
    typical words entered by persons that might be interested in
    your website; Unique, to steer to your site those persons using
    discerning search terms.

* Choose the most relevant words based on reviews of search terms that
   resulted in people selecting your website.

    Enlist a Statistics Service that will show to you the search terms
    users employed that resulted in them coming to your website. Look
    for any common ones that are not in your "Keywords" Meta Tag and
    add them. If the total exceeds 20, pick the best, most used ones.

    If possible, use the Statistics Service to look at websites
    that are similar to your own. Peruse the keywords that
    resulted in users coming to their websites. Select any that
    might be suitable for your Keywords Meta Tags.


Re: Keyword Research;249774 Wrote:
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Yes keyword is like a small unit through which a vistor reach to our
website with the help of search engine. Wrong keyword never give benifit
for our website and whenever Google crawler come to know that we are
using wrong keyword it will surely penalized our website.

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