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My site is pr4 but none in keywords fasion modeling or fasion modeling
portfolios those are my main keywords what's the problem

Thanks in advance

Re: Keyword help

Http:// wrote:
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 I have the number one site in the 'fashion modeling' serp (christy's
portfolio) but had to spam it there. Now if Dave would tell me his
secret I could get it there honorably and without any spamming and I
could sleep better at night and Dave could too knowing he saved the net!

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On Mon, 14 Jun 2004 17:41:44 +0000,  wrote:

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The #1 page is your friend Christy at /

That page shows one Google backlink -- from DMOZ.  Yahoo shows no

If you've spammed it there, I can't see how.  I only see a bit of keyword

I was also surprised to see that the #1 spot for "fashion modeling" only
gets you an Alexa rating of 2,393,086.  My almost totally unloved site has an Alex rating of 932,870 and that
translates into only about 6 unique visitors a day.

After the last Google PR/Backlink Update, I am very tempted to spit on my
hands, hoist the blag flag, and begin spitting throats. (Props to H.L.


Re: Keyword help (Http:// ) wrote:

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If your keywords are mis-spelt as above then that would be a problem (I assume).

Try "fashion". Also, note that outside the US, modeling is often spelt

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