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anyone know the golden figure for keyword density to a target phrase?

and am i correct in thinking that if i add words from the adwords suggestion
tool (right hand column) this will help associate the page with the target

has anyone done any research into the effectiveness of H1 STRONG etc? do
they really add value?


Re: keyword density question

mark | r wrote:
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I can't see how including associated words would help the search engines
  come up with more relevant results.  That is a process that could
easily lead to completely irrelevant results.  Many words have two
meanings, etc. or are industry specific.  It would be like creating an
algo for every type of search.  It would be a nightmare, I would imagine.

Keyword density is often in the 3% to 5% range in very competitive
serps.  I have tested that to see if more is better but in every
experiment I did, a density higher than 6% or 7% seems to have adversely
affected the results.

There are instances of keywords being 50% or 33% in very competitive
keyword searches where there are only two or three words of text, but I
find that to be the exception.  These sites also had tons of backlinks
back when Google showed PR4 and above,

The conclusion I drew was that  keyword density didn't matter so much,
as long as it is adequate.  Also, the acceptable density depends on the
volume of text.  300 words with 33% keyword density will not do well in
my experience, but 3 words with 33% keyword density can do okay.

H1 makes a big difference.  I can't tell if H1 strong makes a bigger
difference than H1 - the difference seems marginal at best.  In testing,
it always seems to me that there are so many factors that could be
responsible for a change that I only draw firm conclusions about those
things that make a big difference.

OTOH, I do a lot of things that I am not absolutely certain about how
much they help, or even that they help at all, but they *might* help and
don't harm the page.  H1 Strong is in that category.


Re: keyword density question

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thanks for the comments - with regards to h1 strong i ment the h1 tag or the
strong tag etc...

better drop my density down :)


Re: keyword density question

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I thought you might be asking about a difference between these two -




which I don't have an answer for.

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