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what % should i be aiming for for primary phrases.


Re: keyword density Q.

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My opinion:  For individual key words - aim for about 6.5-7% maximum for
large documents.  Higher than this and you appear to be artificial, lower
than this and the pages loses focus.   Higher percentages are acceptable for
smaller pages.  There is probably a curved optimum line from 33.3% to 6.5%
as the number of words on the page increases, starting from 3 words total.
Penalisation is probably on a graduated scale as you deviate further away
from normality.  To make the keywords stand out keep unwanted words at or
below half the percentage of the keywords.

Note that if you use spammed url, directory or file names you may need to
adhere carefully to unknown strict limits or to lower limits than suggested
above for body text, to avoid risk of being penalised.  Don't spam the
title, description or keywords meta, again to avoid risk of being penalised.

For phrases, I don't know what are the optimum percentages.  Obviously, do
make sure that key phrases are more frequent than unwanted phrases but avoid
anything that looks abnormal to the human reader.

The word distribution content of the page is highly relevent when the page
is young but as time passes and the search engines learn more about the page
from elsewhere then other factors play an increasing role in selection of
pages most likely to satisfy a searcher.

Best regards, Eric.

Re: keyword density Q.


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Whatever feels right. Your take is as good as anyone elses.


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