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what is keyword density and how can it affect a site's listing in

the following is the title of a web page.

ABC,ABC Dealer,ABC for Sale,ABC Suppliers,ABC Exporters

does the density of ABC in above title high, will it affect
searchability of this page in google.

Re:keyword density

Keyword density is a single, increasingly less important, ranking
factor in a search engines algorithm. It refers to the amount of times
a keyword repeats in a page. The exact keyword density that would be
perfect depends on the relative use of the phrase you are trying for
on the web as a whole.
In the example you gave the keyword density is high. In fact, far too
high that it would probably be detrimental to your rankings and the
repetition may get penalties applied.
More important is prominence (how high up and obvious your keywords
are). Rewriting your example
ABC :: Dealer, Sale, Suppliers, Exporters
has much better prominence because ABC is at the beginning.
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