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I hope that someone will be kind enough to help me.
I have me asked to do some work on a firends sportsbook/casino site.
I am desperately trying to find keyphrases for him so that we can put
some meta tags in and generate some traffic.

2 questions.

1) all the keyphrases are VERY popular and have dreadful KEI, can
anyone please give me pointers?

2) I am British, their audience is mainly American, do Americans use
the words
Gamble, Bet or Wager more often? Odds or lines?

Hope someone can help me as I am just trying to fo a friend a favour
to help them get off the ground.



Re: Keyphrase help

We go gambling and we bet on things mostly.....wager is more formal,
like something you'd see in a Twilight Zone episode ("He wagered his
life.....") or something a cowboy would say if he wanted to an 1880s cowboy: "I'll wager ya, partner."

My estimate of percentages regarding these words spoken at American

Gamble - 45%
Bet        - 45%
Wager   - 10%

But I've never been to a casino so what do I know?

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Re: Keyphrase help

On 29 Sep 2004 08:25:12 -0700, (Simon)

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Look for niche phrases and optimise extremely well.

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Wordtrackers results will tend to be US biased-

proctor and gamble 724 762  
proctor & gamble 392 413  
procter and gamble 374 394  
procter & gamble 320 337  
gamble 298 314  
proctor gamble 80  84  
procter gamble 55  58  
gamble house 50  53  

bet awards 6897 7263  
bet 1067 1124  
free bets uk 454  478  
bet wwts 253  266  
ultimate bet 122  128  
bet uncut 114  120  
lost bet 94   99    

pascal's wager 28 29  
nfl wager 27 28  
wager 23 24  
wagers 20 21  
pascals wager 12 13  
ralph wager 12 13  
major wager 10 11  

sports betting 560 590  
betting 229 241  
online sports betting 167 176  
off track betting 155 163  
football betting 145 153  
online betting 144 152  
horse betting 114 120  
sport book betting 92  97  
horse race betting 83  87  
horse racing betting 71  75  
roulette betting strategy 68  72  
free betting systems 65  68  
online gambling 10038 10570  
gambling 1710  1801  
internet gambling 405   426    
gambling online 296   312    
casino gambling 249   262    
gambling addiction 133   140    
sports gambling 107   113    

I know which I'd go with.

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Re: Keyphrase help

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Many thanks for the help David,
I also use wordtracker and have the same results.
I am in a fix over this one though.

There is very static text on the pages and they are not going to add any either.

The site itself does very well for a couple of important KPs,
so should I go for words with great KEI (but not a high count) or overused words ?

most other sites i work on are easy but this one has me in a fix!


Re: Keyphrase help

On 1 Oct 2004 07:27:06 -0700, (Simon)

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The above depends a lot on the site. If you have a site with loads of
links and someone who can get many more then go for the hard phrases.
On the other hand if they are scratching their head for ideas to
generate new links or it's not a priority site go for the easier
phrases (you can always change direction later).

I always go after the hard SERPs first and leave the easy SERPs to
chance for my sites (or when I have the spare time).

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