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can someone check if my key words choices is good?


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and my e mail is:

choose.lifestye at g-mail dot com


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On 2007-09-15, best-links wrote:
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   Good for what?

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   Chris F.A. Johnson                      <
   Shell Scripting Recipes: A Problem-Solution Approach (2005, Apress)

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I would change the meta keywords to "barefoot,freegan,28 hour day, red hat
society, RV living, Furries,lifestyle,change,lifestyles,changes,unique

I would also change the meta description to "Lifestyle Choices, a directory
that will help you to define and choose new lifestyles such as Freegan, RV
Living, Barefoot, Red Hat Society and more."


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but what will happen when i`ll have lots of different lifestyle? i wil

put all of them in the key & description? isnt it considered as abusin
search engines

Rich Wrote:

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Re: key words

bestlinker wrote:

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1) Most search engines ignore the keywords meta tag, so it shouldn't be
an issue.

2) Each page has it own meta tags. Don't try to put meta tags for the
whole site on the home page. If someone does a search on fregan, and
winds up on your fregan page instead of your home page, do you really
care? They found your site, and that is what matters. Better still, They
found the page that deals with the subject they were searching for, and
that is better for both the visitor and you.

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