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I've got a no. of keyword/phrase management queries, almost a
mini-survey really.  If anyone is able to quickly fire off some
thoughts/replies that'd be grand, but if not - anyone know of any good
sources to look for this information?

- How do people generate a decent set of keywords/phrases for SEO/PPC
work? So you get a set of keywords/phrases that you *think* are good
for your site, but how then do you generate a wider set? Guesswork? Any
tools? If so, which tools?
- How do you go about finding meaningful volume and competition data
for those keywords/phrases?
- Once you've got a large set of keywords/phrases, how do you go about
categorising them? Just by using a spreadsheet? Or some tool?
- Once you've got a set, what process do people go through to choose
which ones to apply to which pages?
- Do people have any keyword management tools that they recommend?
- And, finally, can you apply keyword management tools to SEO as well
as PPC? Seems that most such tools are entirely PPC focused.

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Re: key word / phrase management

On 19 Oct 2006 10:11:53 -0700, wrote:

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Um. I just eyeball them.Takes a year and a day but it's probably best.
Not everyone will agree.

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Build pages around them.

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