Keep updating your site. Does it help?

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Haven't found much info on this.  How important is it to search engines
to keep your site evolving/changing.  Will your site lose SERP if it
remains static for too long?

If it is necessary to say update your site every month or 6 months, in
which areas is it most important? Would your main text be the first area
to keep updating or would the entries in your page layout need tweeking?
I certainly hope not the latter.

Pete Ives
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Re: Keep updating your site. Does it help?

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If you are using CSS for presentation, you only have to change your
layout whenever the mood strikes.

I administer a site that uses server side scripting to use different
style sheets based on holidays, one for Christmas, one for Cinco De
Mayo, one for the comemorization of the Armenain Genocide, etc.  The
content stays the same, but the skin changes.

As far as content, it really depends on what your site is about, and if
people use it as a resource.  If you have a web site about HTML 4.01
then you are not going to have too much new content, as HTML 4.01 is a
recommendation.  If you were going to have a site about HTML 5, then you
would have a lot of updating as the proposed spec changes constantly.

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Re: Keep updating your site. Does it help?

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My experience over the years has been that Google likes fresh content.

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