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I just discovered this neat tool and wondered if anyone had found
anything else like it.

I mainly use Google, but occasionally don't find what I'm looking for
on the first page of search results. Clicking through to page 2 rarely
improves the situation. So then I have to either go somewhere else, or
put in a new search term.

Now, when I can't find the result I want on Google page 1, I just
click the jux2 browser button (available at www.jux2.com). It
automatically shows me unique (i.e., non-Google) search results from
Yahoo! or Jeeves -- without me having to retype anything. It's a real

Has anyone else used this tool? Is there anything else like it out

Re: jux2 -- better than Google page 2

Mike Z. wrote:

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It didn't quite work last time I tried it. Results were simply false.

Yes, there are similar tools out there. Most notably

Re: jux2 -- better than Google page 2

I tried the "google blog" search you mention, and am getting accurate

They just seem to be a little confusingly presented.

If you count up all the results, there are indeed 10 from Yahoo and 10
from Google.  What they're doing is counting results from the same
domain as being overlapping.  For example, blogger.com (#5 on Google)
and blogger.com/about (#4 on Yahoo) are counted as, essentially, the
same result.

So, even though the site suggests it's showing 14 results (9
overlapping, 1 from Google, 4 from Yahoo), it's really showing 20 (15
URLs that either overlap directly or are counted as overlapping
because they're closely related within the same domain, 1 from Google
and 4 from Yahoo).

As for your comment about the "what am I missing" search, I can't
reproduce the error you describe.  When I search "google blog" on
Google.com, I don't see an article from The Register in Google's top
10.  When I count the results I get 20 of them, and the 3 Jux2 says
are not in Google's top 10 truly aren't there.

I actually think this is kind of a neat way to get unique incremental
search results, but I agree the counting of overlap is a little

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Re: jux2 -- better than Google page 2

jux2 works fine for me -- I checked all the results and it gives me
everything from the search engines I choose. You may have been
confused by the way it groups results together (I found it a bit
confusing at first, but it helps reduce clutter).

I had used the lanreiter tool before, but found it quite useless. It
gives a pretty picture, but does not help me find interesting search
results (you have to mouse-over to see URLs, it is really slow, it
often does not work...).

Anyway, the thing that I liked about jux2 is the browser button that
gives me unique non-Google results with a single click of a button --
that's what I find useful and have not seen elsewhere.

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