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Although I made it thru the Florida thingy I apparently made the
google gods mad. I was on the first page for many top insurance quote
searches. Now I am 100+.

I am willing to subject my site to a brutal inspection here in order
to see if anyone can see why I am no longer a player. I know my
keyword ratio is high.

Here it is:

http://www.on-line-insurance-quote.com /


Re: Just Got Flushed

Tim Arnold wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Still you're getting over 50% of the visitors you got last week (and
that was a top week for you with 1598 visitors), so the many top
insurance quote SERPs were not very popular.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Indeed: your keyword ratio is high. And your title is a complete chapter.

- there is no real content at all: just links and keyword phrases.
Google doesn't like that and not presenting your visitors 1 (ONE) single
complete sentence is sure a heavy weighting sign that this page is SE spam.
- most external links go to qksrv.net. Google doesn't like that either,
and it adds to the suspiction of SE spam.
- you join link farms like http://www.sosimpletobuy.com/links1.html
Again: Google doesn't like that and apart from what I mentioned above
this on it's own is a good reason to get banned.

You asked for a brutal inspection. May I ask you to have look at your
from a visitors perspective and try to find any reason to visit that site?

You're trying to earn money through affiliate links but there's really
nothing you have to offer your visitors.

Start making some good content and give surfers a reason to come to your


Re: Just Got Flushed

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Is it worth it to put keywords like that plus mispellings in the marquee?
Would google read it? And if the marquee is so far down on the page would
that affect the value given to the page on those keywords?



Re: Just Got Flushed

I only had time for a real fast look but if it were my site I'd remove
all the alt description in the top banner logo link and I'd remove that
keyword list on the bottom of your page and I'd do some serious posting
to get my pr to at least a 5 and preferably a 6.

Re: Just Got Flushed

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To be honest with the PR 4 I was about number 5 for the term
"automobile insurance quote", which was fine, but you are right about
the alt tags. And I need more content for sure.

All of my outbound links are affiliate links but dont know what else
to do. Any suggestion on how to cloak them?


Re: Just Got Flushed

Tim Arnold wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

If you get an email address that works and post it here I'll email you
some pr6 links that will bring your site pr up to at least a 5 within a
month. Just get a throw away yahoo email for this purpose if you want
the links.

have you made any money at all from those affiliate links? I've never
made a dime from affiliate links and think most of them are fakes and
just want free backlinks from people's sites. If you've made money from
them and want to keep them then you can javascript the links, or do a
robots.txt for them but if you haven't made any money or hardly any I'd
dump them.

Re:Just Got Flushed

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Re: Just Got Flushed

zach@expert-picks-dot-com.no-spam.invalid (zgraeve) wrote in message
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Anybody know what that last post meant???

Anyway Sam you can email those links to vgo_2000@yahoo.com. I use it
for junk.

I will email some good add'l PR6s back to you.

By the way you asked about affilliate links. I make a living at it.

50,000+ a year and was getting close to 6 figures when my insurance
site dissapeared off the face of the planet. But it will be back. May
take a month or two.

Its great. No inventory or products to dick with. There are some great
commissions out there. All you have to do is round up some surfers and
from there it is a numbers game.


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